Sense offers real-time appliance level insight. That makes reducing consumption easy.

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See what's happening at home

Real-time device detection gives customers a unique view into their home's energy usage. It shows them what's turned on and off, empowering them to take control of their energy consumption like never before.

Save energy. Save money.

Sense provides a better understanding of home energy use. Seeing where and when power is used, customers have tools for meaningful change.

Real-time readings

The Power Meter tells customers exactly how much electricity they're using in real time, with wattage steps up and down when devices turn on and off.

Driving consumer action

Real-time information drives customers’ high app engagement and enables smart home awareness.

Engage customers

Connect consumers with programmes that will help them save even more!

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Amplify your commitment to innovation and sustainability

Enhanced customer experience
Sense is the thing that is going to change the industry for everyone. It’s going to empower customers to a level of control they’ve never had before…
Carlos Nouel, VP of Transformation Programs, National Grid
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